Let Us Craft a Worry-Free Custom Insurance Program for You!

Your passion for crafting quality beer requires a skillful mixing of science and art to develop a unique flavor. To many people, the brewing process can be mysterious and confusing, especially when they hear words like sparging or mashtun. We know how you feel. To many people insurance and risk management can be mysterious and confusing.

At Berkshire Insurance Group, we understand brewers face truly unique challenges and requirements. You worry about your machinery working properly, employee safety, guest safety in the tasting rooms or on tours, food preparation, discovering a bad batch of beer and many other things. That is why it is important to work with a company that understands the key needs and exposures of brewers.

Berkshire Insurance Group’s comprehensive insurance and risk management plan starts when we visit your facility and meet with you to discuss your business, your concerns and successes,

Identify your exposure to risk, and develop an overall strategy. We offer exceptional service, affordable rates, and a broad range of industry-specific coverages, including:

  • coverage for property
  • general liability
  • liquor liability
  • equipment breakdown
  • workers’ compensation
  • autos
  • and much more

The Berkshire Insurance Agency advantage for Craft Brewers:

  • The first batch of your new seasonal brew is tainted: the release date, promotion, and first batch all have to be abandoned. Are you covered for Spoilage and Contamination? You are with us.
  • After a tour, a customer leaving your facility is involved in a serious accident. You have mandatory limited liquor liability coverage, but is it enough? Let’s talk.
  • One of the pipes sending water to the Mashtun breaks, causing not only a mess, but lost time in the brewing process. Most insurance companies will only pay for the damage caused by the burst pipe, ours will pay for the pipe too!

Are you covered?

For more information about the comprehensive programs we have available, please contact Daniel Blaisdell.

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