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Personal Insurance

Thomas Baltes
Linda Beckwith
Marie Blair
Paula Cardillo
Maryanne Carter
Katelynn Lambert
Libby Peyron
Lisa Quinn
Bernadette Smith
Mia Valderrama
Wendy VanDyke
Margaret Vasquez
Dina Ziskin-Fortune

Sales Team

Benjamin Beauchaine
Darin Burniske
Ty Hollens
Timothy Minkler
Robert Proulx
Nicholas Robare
Tiffany Snell

Business Insurance

Ilyssa Boido
John Carney
Maureen Cormier
Cara Costanzo
Jody Dodge
Susan Durfee
Patti Fletcher
Wendy Gelinas
Adrianne Grover
Marion Lentes
Jacklyn Moreno
Christine Penna
JoAnn Rivers
Darlene Tebaldi
Lee Ann Watterson

Finance & Operations

Holly Hamling
Justine Hayes
Justin Mularski
Mary Ellen Petropoulos
Kim Raymaakers

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