Home System Protection specifically covers your home systems, appliances, and electronics. Supplying these systems are the underground pipes and power lines that connect to your house. If damage occurs on your property, you are responsible for any repairs.

Coverage Options, with a $500 deductible are:

  • $30/year for up to $100,000 Home Systems Protection and $10,000 Service Line Coverage
  • $40/year for Home Systems Protection up to the Coverage A limit on your Homeowners policy and $25,000 Service Line Coverage.

Home Systems Include:

  • Boilers, furnaces, heat pumps
  • Central AC
  • Electrical Service Panels
  • Home Security
  • Permanent Emergency Generators
  • Pool and Spa Pumps
  • Radiant-floor Heating
  • Water Heaters
  • And more.

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